Brighton Fringe 2024

Jun 05 2024




We have finished our Brighton Fringe tour, and we have to say it was both a challenging and incredibly rewarding experience. Our performances on the 14th, 16th, and 17th of May at the Rotunda Theatre were unforgettable. The stormy weather, surprisingly, added a dramatic touch to our shows, enhancing the overall atmosphere in an unexpected way.

Photo: Fraiser Morrison

Performing at the Rotunda Theatre was a fantastic opportunity. The venue’s intimate setting allowed us to connect closely with our audience, making each show uniquely special and memorable. The weather outside, far from being a hindrance, contributed to the immersive experience, creating a perfect backdrop for our performances.

The camaraderie within our team and the incredible support from the festival staff made the entire experience even more enjoyable. We felt welcomed and encouraged every step of the way, which kept our spirits high and our performances strong.

We were also thrilled to receive positive feedback from reviewers. Broadway Baby praised our show, highlighting the compelling performances and the effective use of the intimate space . Fringe Review commended our innovative approach and the powerful impact of our storytelling . These reviews were a wonderful validation of our hard work and creativity.

Photo: Poppy Harperfield

Overall, being part of Brighton Fringe was an extraordinary experience. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our work at such a vibrant and diverse arts festival. We look forward to future performances and continuing our journey in the theatre world with renewed passion and enthusiasm.