Company RAu’s Dido

Dec 30 2021




BILT presents Company RAu’s Dido..

Dido will premiere at Bilkent Theater’s MainStage on the 20th (English) and 21st and 22nd (Turkish) of January. Inspired from the strong historical figures, Dido, Queen of Carthage and Aeneas of Troy, this one person, gender fluid unique production of Dido, aims to take the audience into the mind and heart of a transformative experience.

Conceptualized and performed by Korhan Basaran, Dido’s text has been re-written by Basaran with inspiration from Virgil’s Aeneid and Christopher Marlowe’s Dido; Queen of Carthage..

With original composition by Tolga Yayalar and visual design by Ataman Girisken Company RAu’s “Dido” is an interdisciplinary performance aims to find the physical and spiritual life that surrounds a broken heart. Dido’s costume is from the collection of the renowned fashion designer Ümit Ünal.