DIDO Timeline

Sep 03 2023




21-22 September 2023

Sea Change Europa in Szene Theatre Festival Wortwiege Vienna


29 June 2023

Small Season Festival Sfumato Festival Sofia

03 June 2023

Theatre Nous Athens



26 May 2023

Thess Fringe Festival Thessaloniki



05 May 2023

Podyum Sanat Bursa

30 March 2023

Alan Kadıköy İstanbul

2 November 2022

26th Istanbul Theatre Festival Alan Kadıköy İstanbul

On Company RAu’s DIDO

premiered in the 26th Istanbul Theater Festival by IKSV
performance language: English
run time: 60′

Dido is a solo multi-disciplinary performance by Istanbul-based choreographer/performer Korhan Basaran that reflects the myth of Dido and Aeneas using elements of dance, theater, new music and video projection to explore themes of human desire, frustration and heartbreak.

Basaran takes the audience on a journey in collaboration with Tolga Yayalar’s original composition and Ataman Girisken’s projection design deep into Dido’s mind as she falls in love and is ultimately destroyed by her own desire and loyalty. Language is an extension of movement as Basaran’s body softens, explodes, ducks, hides, and accuses, showing us how Dido’s mind grasps at the realization of her betrayal. Girisken uses video projection and Yayalar uses sound to redefine the stage space with simple, bold clean imagery with a constantly traveling sound that shifts our perception of time and space as we descend deeper and deeper into this dream poem of theatrical experience.

Dido’s text has been re-written by Basaran with inspiration from Virgil’s Aeneid and Christopher Marlowe’s Dido; Queen of Carthage.