Double Date: Orlando Trip & DIDO

Jun 05 2024




Two countries, two artistic proposals, a common vision: transcending borders and stereotypes through common European myths…

ORLANDO TRIP & DIDO is a project of the SEA CHANGE initiative, bringing together artists from Austria and Turkey.

DIDO: Performer Korhan Basaran, Visual Design and Video Mapping by Ataman Girisken, Music by Tolga Yayalara

Orlando Trip: Lyrics & Performance:Anna Luca Poloni, Music&Visuals:Christian Maïr

ORLANDO TRIP (Fox On Ice, AT) and DIDO (Company RAu, TR) present a poetic rebellion against the rigid borders that are a serious threat in all areas of life and societies. This special meeting presents two ancient European myths that have been repeatedly explored in world literature as contemporary stage performances. ORLANDO TRIP and DIDO mirror the universal human needs and emotions. This interconnected performance duo creates a space of shared synergy with its ancient texture, contemporary approach and utopian proposition.

SEA CHANGE is the name of an international initiative based on William Shakespeare’s term “fundamental change” and the transformative power of art. Launched in 2021 with the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, Austrian Cultural Offices and embassies, the SEA CHANGE initiative continues to develop and involve partners in the arts, science, theater, festivals and universities worldwide.


9 June 2024 / ISTANBUL / Palais Yeniköy

13 June 2024 / CANAKKALE / Mahal Sanat

18 June 2024 / AYVALIK / Fabrika Ayvalık

23 June 2024 / ANKARA / Bilkent Theater Festival