Rau @ Asli Filinta Market

RAu in Process @Asli Filinta Market ’18

Jun 21 2018




Hence Art is War, bring it on.. 

At the turn of the century, as the established rules of the world were breaking bit by bit, as humans were looking for new inspirations, new meanings and new ways of expressing the core-talk, we started experiencing conflicts on highly unexpected levels.. as the foundations of the known were shaking with the incoming shifts, the steps yet to come were all on a slippery ground.. some seeds of the future enlightenment while we were impatiently waiting for a quick result, some other heavy burdens from millennia ago were in constant conflict.. these brought about all these wars we’ve been experiencing on so many levels.. “the old” calling for full obedience while “the now” trying to resist for “the new” to shine bright in a better world.. 

RAu is when we are in our most vulnerable yet strongest, most determined, most ready state to challenge the self into a shift we can’t foresee.. you gotta let the experience take you to your new self, to the new transformed being, the new you.. therefore, the experience has to be genuine, true and unique.. noone can express another’s cry if they haven’t yet their own scream.. nor can one be affectionate to another before experiencing love within the self and with the self.. you cannot know how you feel before you touch someone, so in order to understand how you feel, you have to take the step, go touch the other and feel their heartbeat.. only when hearts beat as one for the same great cause yet without planning the outcome in advance, just allowing the moment to reshape you, is when RAu happens.. this is when you are RAu.. 

steps, notes, paints, colors, words, even letters mean nothing if you aren’t truthful to your instincts, to your core.. as new information for life is being sought out, so is for the arts.. RAu is when you are fool enough yet dedicated enough to take that burden on you.. to try and reshape yourself in order to transform it all around you.. 

hence the world is shaking again after two decades into the new century, in search for the (new), hence creation lately has simply been a “recreation artificielle”, hence Art is War, bring it on.